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mind changing machine

I wish i could lick the mind, 

lick the words, scenes, symbols and alphabets…

i could find the arrangement,  place

‘perfect’                                       here. 

spell it correctly, place them in the right portion, and string the perfect words, 

stop, do not talk.. please let me lick the mind.

-IF they could create the machine not just words, but literally can change the mind. 


even i have greater thoughts and thoughts, which are meant for the better gain. However, i have to admit, my opinion is biased based on feelings, emotions, ulterior reasons and social pressure and pride.

Lately, i came across my opinion might not be all that positive in function after all. so be aware of all the opinions and remarks u came across.

As i would like to highlight again a lot of things i have done wrong or hope i could come undone

–  from the spirit of pride.

Being people, being biblical people

Sometimes i  pride my self with nobility traits, a facade i put across….Nobility…

in fact like no others, thin or fat, smart or slow, i have my horrible moments,

like everyone else, looking for acceptance and forgiveness,

what’s perfect, yeah, we are all trying to look good, tabulate mannerism, straighten ourselves, finding ways to showcase your best ability to your boss, relationship and family and FINE now social media.

seemingly we tried all our best, we yet getting to that expectation, ain’t it,

and we look into those eyes of expectation, or look into mirror , reflected the ways we are doing, but seeing all the dots in the faces, and building up tummy…and fats…

Some say i have a gifted language in Witt and expression,

i did regret not entering journalism fully and taking a full course on it,

but some say i have horrible grammar… and told me i have improved over the years,

Have u came across shoving opinion upon people, stating how they should behave, it will be happier if they could do that or this…

or people just trying to hide their insecurity, jealousy behind of facade of nobility.

If it’s partially true, and hard upon us, shoving their opinions up on us,

living it’s already hard, living up to the expectation is harder, and placing an expectation on others is hardest.

it’s true, corporate set corporate grounding, rules and guidelines, purely to survive the hard core, cut throat $$ world, if we don’t focus..competition taken over. the ground rules of surviving. As a team, we strive by motivating and sparks each other fighting spirit.

Family ground rules, people set examples, love examples, family as a unit, some laws lays heavy penalty on infidelity to keep them united.

Since we have come together, people living in close proximity, a larger scope of picture is frame not just based on individualism but collectivism .

likewise, if you are a human being, you made mistakes being abnormally different body figure from the adverts girls, take chances that is out of curiosity, going angst and crazy of the time being,  hurting people with harshness and substitute prostitute for wife of the moment, unable to achieve result projected by bosses, lay opinions on people, place a wrong comma, when its suppose to be full stop, being rude out of anger, or hiding jealousy behind nobility. all of this – should be known to be forgiven, why? cause i want to be forgiven, i am all the above.

Regardless, i have great length into understanding human behavior, culture and deeper meanings. I admit, i am a crazy fire cracker that goes off without warning and come across to be erratically frustrating and very hard to deal with once its explosion occurs. That’s how i gain most of my lengthy understanding of ups n downs and mistakes cause i took the chances in exploring the worst, inflicting pain upon others and own self.

Company Structure 101

I think setting up a company is the easiest thing, but handling people is the  painful start.

Main core roles and duty for an online start up:

1) Admins and HR

2) Marketing and Sales

3) Online Marketers


4) SEO and back links generator ( SUB contract)

5) Lead generator and tele-sales ( In House)

Developers & Designers

6) The product development

7) User interface designer

8) founders and Investors

9) Investors relations

Ohhh i almost hit 10 executive in a start up.

Advertising vs. Marketing Vs. Social Media

In advertising, a concept is the driven force, whereby in Marketing the practicality and facts are the driving force.

Research and development

In advertising, it could be a dream, a poem, an art piece, an experimentation and many argued that advertising is subjective, overall objective is to capture the attention when there are so many captivating things in the street or in the newspaper.

In marketing, it’s really the overall target sales results, manipulative sales package (pricing),  the positioning of a product,  and even plotting the moves of  the sales team.

In this new era, we are being bombarded with Social Media

The poster ads explained :

In fact, we need it all!


In every relationship…

In every relationship tells us about ourselves,

sometimes i really envy those lucky couples, who met, love and live their life enduring the ups n downs.

I met people ,in my ups and downs , thin and thick and those who are not in the same landscape to geographic, time lapse even  gap of differences.

To be honest, meeting, loving and building  a relationship took us time, effort and tears, sometimes it could be a fragile thing for me, it could be struck down by a situation or a person verdict in a situation.

I am not sure if it’s just me, or the personality that i am living with.

Even we follow the codes of ethic , and codes of love, no triangle, sincere and being genuine, could not shield us from hurting.

even our genuine self is the core problem of an issue. But one thing for sure,

we got to find someone who appreciates and comprehend the weakness and magnified the strength. It’s hard, but it’s worth the try.

Random expresion

I love to have a family i could go home to,  a comfort, a sense of security, and future and daily.

Everyday  it somehow pre- destined to be a routine, hard work  and money driven. Since i am born in the 80s growing up with short lived Bruce lee  heroic Tv movies, care bear cartoons and Micheal Jackson Peace note. Done deal, industrialization and democratic. non negotiable term.

And also the entering the era of booming internet era, connectivity and innovation. War is still ongoing in the back ground. Natural disaster movies are replaced with representation of vampires and zombie apocalyptic .

Human behavior did’t change much, the  research of carl jung, astrology and ancient feng shui still standing.

So what change? In fact, all round the world, the weather is changing, industrialization and only the small popularity is filthy rich war is lessen, peace is gathered people are more unify than before, news spread viral….