People say we should set goals for the stable mind, based on our interest and  our behavior. Honestly goals can destroy too, be it setting a goal that is overly stressful, for a person or family and loved ones, goal setting might need to add on with consideration and time. Goals are set for individual […]


Ever changing landscape, electromagnetic wave,  stars & planet, people, any form of  energy, will keep us unbalance, how could a person be able to restraint, or choose a path between the excitement of the thrilled or the goodness of love and people? Simple way to say, if we choose someone we love, we have no choice, […]

mind changing machine

I wish i could lick the mind,  lick the words, scenes, symbols and alphabets… i could find the arrangement,  place ‘perfect’                                       here.  spell it correctly, place them in the right portion, and string the perfect words,  […]