People say we should set goals for the stable mind, based on our interest and  our behavior. Honestly goals can destroy too, be it setting a goal that is overly stressful, for a person or family and loved ones,

goal setting might need to add on with consideration and time.

Goals are set for individual satisfaction, idealistic and extremist goals cost more than gain

1) i will be the best blogger or writer in south east Asia or around the globe? or best selling author. ain’t that stressing everything up, or we have decided to throw other elements and our life away …just to focus on a few things in life ? being a writer?

A big percentage of losing the number 1. stage, what about thinking a way that easing, and more achievable  for the adrenalin to be felt as well.

So be it….Perhaps we can set a goal, that is achievable and easing to the mind, balance with  time,



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