Relationship Insights

In every relationship, there is a chance that you will be hurt. If
you run away every time you think you will get hurt, you are
guaranteed a very lonely love-less life.

One of the saddest things is to walk away from a relationship
because it’s hard work or things aren’t necessarily going the way
you expected. This is what many of us do. It is the sad reality of
Hollywood style romance with instructions And with all the advice about “too many fish in
the sea”, walking away when things are hard seems the coolest
thing to do. It shows that you “don’t care” and from where this
kind of advice comes from, that is supposed to be a good thing.
But many years later — just like the people who gave you the
advice — you are still trying to “catch fish” in that sea.
What does it say about you if you can’t catch even one fish in a

sea with plenty of fish?
Relationships need time and work.
Instead of living your life running away from what you don’t
want, try running towards what you want. With some courage,
discipline and the persistence to make this work, anything is


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