Advertising vs. Marketing Vs. Social Media

In advertising, a concept is the driven force, whereby in Marketing the practicality and facts are the driving force. Research and development In advertising, it could be a dream, a poem, an art piece, an experimentation and many argued that advertising is subjective, overall objective is to capture the attention when there are so many […]

Greater ideas, greater responsibility to launch a dotcom. to all online entrepreneurs

This is the timeline i chooses or you choose to walk upon, when we try to envision the world,in the next 2 – 10 years, we felt its right, gut feeling no doubt, fact and figures and no piggy lies, brick and mortar aside, attention and screen savers, templates and ever changing landscape, presentation and mass appeal.Building […]

Living,giving, fighting.

I wish my family is around, people closest to me give me strength that i need, Sometime i do asked myself,  if i am in a daily work routine, 9-5pm will i be happy? Work for others, leave the responsibility of thinking big, huge and gigantic to the experienced and managerial money driven peps out there? I […]